The Electronic Self Publishing format allows virtually anyone to publish their writings.  I mean Anyone.  Unfortunately spell and grammar check doesn’t mean you’ve put together a good sentence or a paragraph. Never mind a short story or novel.

Now you can take into account regional “accents” in writing when you have dialog between characters, but there’s no “accents” in third party descriptors.

Now I’m an engineer by training who’s loved books all this life and having also minored in history and economics I was forced into a variety of writing courses, the most creative being how to write for business.  Having received the minimal level of education in stringing words together to tell a narrative it’s amazing to see that folks who imagine themselves writers can’t understand the basics of narrative flow.

Another issue is basic subject matter research.  If you’re writing about goings on in your home town, you should know where everything is in that home town so when you talk about someone at the Piggly Wiggly you know to state it’s the one on the south side of town versus the one on the east side.

Yet a number of folks want to write about space, aliens, military matters and travel without doing even the basic research on what actually exists.  Just because something is in Space or there’s aliens involved doesn’t mean everything “just” is.

What annoys me the most as a Veteran are the people who use the Military, especially the US Military as a prop without any idea of how a Military organization, never mind how the US military operates.

I don’t mean you need to go into detailed explanations or battle talk, but you have to keep basic military conversation etiquette.  Maintain the Chain of Command, Keep Military Discipline, know the rank structure, understand the duties.  The Basics.

NASA is not the end all and be all of space research and exploration.  Hell, they can’t even launch people in space.  Anything that happens in or near orbit is going to be observed by the space agencies of at least 20 countries.

Lets do some research before committing to publish anything.  Google it!